Small Jupiter Sphere Candles

Small Jupiter Sphere Candles


Jupiter Sphere Candles 


The surface is mesmerizing, reminiscent of the clouds around Jupiter! You’ll be drawn to them by their layers, built one upon the other. Even more impressive is the way they’re made – the lines develop as wax is hand-poured, bit by bit, allowing each layer to dry slightly before pouring the next. That’s approximately 100 individual pours for the small size and 200 for the large. The result is an outstandingly individual creation. There’s nothing ordinary about Vance Kitira candles.


Available in Cranberry:

KH354CRB – 4 x 3.5” – Burn time – 40 hrs.    $ 30.00


Or Melon White:

KH354MW – 4 x 3.5” – Burn time – 40 hrs.    $ 30.00


Colors & Size

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