Dipped Tapers w/Losa Wood Holder

Dipped Tapers w/Losa Wood Holder

SKU: KH1612

Dipped Tapers w/Losa Wood Holder


Eucalyptus is the material used to create a unique, handmade centerpiece for six Dipped Tapers. This wood is used to sculpt a variety of products in Thailand. It is somewhat easy to work with and is much more abundant than Teak. Artisans cut long pieces and sand them smooth, while protecting the integrity and natural characteristics of the wood. Holes are drilled and set with cups to hold the candles.


Each candle is born from a single wick. By that we mean that each begins as just a wick. We dip them in wax repeatedly, until the desired length and width are achieved. It’s a lengthy and laborious process, but we know the end result is worth it.



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