Cathedral Candle Set

Cathedral Candle Set


Cathedral Candle Set


Often referred to as “Church” candles, impact your gatherings with these stately, dignified candles. Accessorize to complement the occasion or make a statement of stunning elegance with their simplicity. When the occasion calls for a simple, smooth and elegant candle – think Cathedral. Clean lines and an opaque appearance draw the eye and create stylish sophistication. Hand-poured, with a distinctively smooth finish, clean lines, opaque appearance and attention to detail. Cathedral Candles represent quality and stylish affordability in unscented pillars. Our hand-poured candles are made only of food-grade wax, featuring cotton wicks from the USA and fine dyes from England. This ensures our candles burn slowly and evenly, emitting a warm glow.


Candle Sizes:

                3 x 3”                    Burn time – 50 hrs.

                3 x 6”                    Burn time – 100 hrs.

                3.75 x 4.5”            Burn time – 90 hrs.

                3.75 x 8”               Burn time – 160 hrs.


Choose from a set of:  Black (BLK), Red (RD) or White (WH)

KH364    $85.00


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