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70 Clinton Road Fairfileld. NJ 07004 

Tel. 973-287-6700   Fax. 973-287-6656

       Vance Kitira International is known for candles made from fully refined paraffin, 100% cotton wicks with long burn times.  Our candles have been in the market since 1993 and our core collection is known as Timber collection with distress texture knotted with our signature bamboo palm leaf which can be found in our websitewww.vancekitira.com/retail.com.  


This year, we are introducing www.kitirahome.com with an idea of offering a gift package for all occasions. As you browse through, you will see that we have taken the stress and hassle out of creating a beautiful candle display for your home, or a gift to someone special.  Each set comes to you thoughtfully packaged candles and trays gift box with a full-color label picturing the set.  


As always, our candles are hand-poured in Thailand and our candle trays are handcrafted artisan pieces.

Explore this website and be inspired. service.kitirahome@gmail.com

70 Clinton Road (rear bldg) - Fairfield, NJ  07004  Tel: 800-646-6360 / 973-287-6700  Fax: 800-216-0072 / 973-287-6656 service.kitirahome@gmail.com